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RKI in Europe

RKI Analytical Instruments GmbH in Germany was founded in 1996 as the European subsidiary of RIKEN KEIKI Co., LTD.- Tokyo, Japan. RKI is now independant and responsible for sales and service in all of continental Europe and world wide.
RKI connects the large field of gas detection with the world of process gas analysis in all major technologies. Our team of experts has many years of national and international experience in gas detection, gas measurement, process automation, system engineering, installation and service.

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RKI Partners as quality for your safety!

RIKEN KEIKI Co., LTD, features more than 70 years of experience in research, development and production of gas detection equipment and systems. RKK is  technology leader with great milestones and innovations in many fields. Many patents all over the world underline this. The heart of each gas detector/monitor is the sensor. In contrast to many competitors who are depanding on foreign production facilities, RKK produce their own sensors.The whole production is controlled by highest quality levels and demands. On top of this, every factory in Japan applies to the rules of ISO 9000 und ISO 14000 to ensure our quality levels. As a global player working together with many institutes and certifcation bodys arround the world to guarantee conformity and product quality for your safety.

NOVATECH Pty. Ltd.,  Novatech Controls started operations in 1974 as a distributor for a major instrument manufacturer’s industrial controls division, mainly selling and servicing temperature and related furnace and boiler controls. In 1978, Novatech commenced the manufacture of thermocouples and RTDs for temperature sensing applications.
Now NOVATECH produces a range of oxygen probes for in-situ or extracted oxygen measurement, as well as a range of gas analysers able to measure and re-transmit oxygen and several other process related values in real-time.